About us

The idea of setting up an agency has been on our minds for years, as we have had many positive and negative experiences in our long sport careers. In 2003, we felt that the time had come to be the first in Hungary to set up a management agency where the client is the most important, as our goal was to help athletes and sports organizations to avoid wasting their energy that can be focused on sports activities, in such areas they were less familiar with or unknown for them. Based on the experience and successes of the first five years, at the beginning of 2008 we renewed our company both strategically and organisationally, in line with market expectations. Regardless of the restructuring, SportConcept’s mission and philosophy has remained unchanged: to support athletes and sports organizations with expertise, commitment, and loyalty.

We believe that a relationship of trust between management and the player is the key to effective cooperation. Based on this, we represent athletes throughout their careers using European best practices. We support athletes who are determined to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential in the field of sport and other fields as well. We are particularly keen to support talented, ambitious young people at the beginning of their careers. The basis of a successful sport career is that the player can focus solely on sport and conscious career building. We are here to provide the necessary background on the way to your goal.

The key elements of our activity:

  • We are available and proactive
  • We are committed and loyal to our athletes
  • We understand and know the mindset of sport clubs
  • We work on the basis of open, honest and transparent communication
  • We work precisely with clear and measurable plans
  • We inspire our athletes
  • We work hard on our own development
  • We are open to feedback